So I like boys in nice clothes. Who doesn’t? So there are blogs, lots of them, that show these beautiful boys and their amazing simple fashion sense. The pictures featured above are from the Manofcloth, Street Etiquette, Iseeadifferentyou (a local, South African blog, unpretentious photography), jefflovesphotography (local blog).

Some blogs you might like to see more nice boys:

Sandra Muendane (Mozambique)
Madam Wokie (Sierra Leone)
Gavin Rajah (South Africa)
Davida (Nigeria)

So I’m not familiar with the American/Paris/London culture, all I might know is what I read in magazines, see on tele and observe in blogs. The Brits are know for their conservative nature, the Americans for their trend setting ability, and the French for being sensuality.
Africa on the other hand, being labeled as the ‘dark continent, needing enlightenment’. I’m familiar with my continent, from reading, to interaction with different African cultures, friends with a Mozambiquean, Zimbabwean, Nigerian, Kenyan, Namibian, lover of Ethopian cuisine and fashion. I’m the All African Lass (giggles).

The point here is that we’ve been ENLIGHTENED, and we are ENLIGHTENING the rest of the world, our way of life, our people, cultures, food and fashion, are traits that the rest of the world could start living by. Our simplicity, and complexities, the dark/light of our skin, our textiles, our loud dress, our loudness as a people doesn’t have to be something to shy away from. The brightness of our fashion sense is something we need to celebrate.

So Arise Magazine, here’s a thanks to me from all over Africa, for producing All Star show.

So this post is ispired by @Sipho_Cindi (my twitter buddy) he recently went on a photo spree around Pretoria’s Church Square, and we were having this conversation about how we over look the beauty offered by the cities we live in, wether its the architect, public art, the people, just the happenings.

And then I found this app called Postcards, its a photography exploration by different people in the Gauteng Province. Its quite cool. So a photo a day.

Great way to explore the province and its gems.

Well, it came as a surprise to me that the month of March is ‘Quilting Month’ well that’s according to Etsy. So I have taken advatage of the last few days left of this month.
Happy quilting.


Sometimes I have headings, and no content. This is such a post, a heading and no text.

With a mentor like Yohji Yamamoto its rather hard to ignore the genious style ability that Paola Puro posesses. Describing her style as ‘Sartorial and deconstructed, she does work for after all.

The photo shoot featured below reminds me of the Water Lillies series work produced by Monet. Monet in his artistic career was going blind because of this process of him loosing his sight he was was able to experience light as no one had seen it, his later work is a depiction of that. Light experiments is a big part of photography, capturing people|scenes|objects well depends on how the light creates the mood.

With Paola’s photography sense, the mood here is well created, with the blur, the out of focus/in focus manipulation, adds so much to this fashion colletion.

Well done Paola.

I looked at Charlotte Taylors 2012 Fall Collecting in passing, that was a big mistake on my part. I mean there is so much of fashion one can see, you have the blogs, ftv, the magazines, the shows and all that jazz, but its only a few times that one is captivated by a piece of fashion. Karl, Vera Wang are creators who wear the same type of style all the time. I think one comes to a place where they are just enough with the activity outside and start looking inward for what truely works.

So going back to my dear Charlotte, this range (for me) is about that, finding a calm in order to fully express. A showcase of colour, fabric, patterns and length.

My dear Charlotte Taylor has done well.

I’m a bit amused at the hypocritical state of being that as Africans seem to embody. It’s as if we are waiting to be discovered, waiting for international fashion designers to wave a ‘white flag’ signaling a ‘go ahead’. We have the patterns, the material, the skills, the labour, but we wait for ‘them’ to re-discover what is already ours, give shape and style, put it on a famous model, in a glossy fashion magazine, and the we jump around and call it Home Grown… Tisk tisk.

Was chatting to a friend of mine about how we are going through this ‘African Fashion’ phase, like black women never wore head wraps, all of a sudden, its a popular thing, like traditional gear was never celebrated, really. We are animal skins and bright coloured fabrics, we are mud huts and straw roofs, we are natural hair and black skin, but most importantly we are drums, ululations, shouts and dancing. And I’m sure we are proud of who we are, let’s not let the world take that from us.

Maybe I’m going through an ’embrace your self’ phase.

I’m just saying, maybe I’m rambling again. #FoodforThought

It has been a while since I could embrace the beauty that lacks its definition in me. Just as you learn to settle you get tossed about, thrown to and fro, needing to be steered carefully. My thoughts are filled in capacity in my mind, they are a consumption of my heart, traces of brooding, traces of pondering… THIS IS LIFE is what the mind screams out… It’s what I need to fully embody, put on, constantly clothe myself with, a covering, a protection from deception.

Today my thoughts and heart fight to agree… but I fully give you my words to decipher and disect…

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